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Leica NA2 32x Engineer's Automatic Auto Level
Item Includes: Leica Automatic Level NA2 Hard Carrying Case Sunshade Rain Cover Adjusting Pin ..
Ex Tax: $1,900.00
Leica NAK2 Precise Automatic Level
The Leica NAK2 meets all the requirements of precision levelling. As soon as it is set-up on a tripo..
Ex Tax: $2,100.00
Leica Sprinter 150M Digital Level New
Measurements have never been so easy to perform with the Leica Sprinter 150M electronic level. The L..
Ex Tax: $800.00
Leica Sprinter 250M Digital Level for surveying
The Leica Sprinter 250M is the highest accuracy electronic level in the Sprint..
Ex Tax: $990.00
Leica Sprinter 250M Electronic Construction Level Pack
Brand New, IN BOX Leica Sprinter 250M Electronic Digital Level with Internal memory.  Imperial ..
Ex Tax: $1,100.00
Leica-LS10 Digital Level New
New Leica-LS10 Digital Level Packaged content : Leica LS10 Digital Level Standard Levelling A..
Ex Tax: $1,900.00
SOKKIA B20-25 32X Automatic Level
Sokkia B20 Automatic Level, 32x Magnification Rugged and reliable, these automatic levels incorpo..
Ex Tax: $800.00
Sokkia SDL30 32X Digital Auto Level
Digital makes measurement quick and easy "How can we make leveling work quicker and easier?" was th..
Ex Tax: $2,100.00
Sokkia SDL50 Electronic Digital Level
Item Includes SDL50 Digital Level BDC46 Batteries CDC62 Charger Tool Kit Dust Cover Operator..
Ex Tax: $1,400.00
Stanley Neigungsmesser FatMax 120 cm digital Wasserwaage
Stanley Neigungsmesser FatMax 120 cm Eigenschaften: Neigungsmesser (digitale Wasserwaage) Mes..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Topcon AT-B2 Automatic Level 32x Magnification
Topcon AT-B2 Automatic Level, 32x Magnification Description Utilizing a finely tuned magnetic ..
Ex Tax: $820.00
Topcon DL-503 28X Electronic Digital Elevation Level
Item Includes DL-503 Digital Level unit BDC46B Li-ion battery CDC68 charger EDC113AC power cab..
Ex Tax: $1,500.00
Trimble DiNi 22 Automatic Geodetic Digital Auto Level
The Trimble® DiNi® Digital Level is a digital height measurement sensor designed for any job site wh..
Ex Tax: $1,590.00
Trimble Zeiss DiNi 12 Automatic Digital Level Brand new
Trimble Zeiss DiNi 12 Automatic Digital Level Survey, Construction, Oil & Gas, Medical, Lab, El..
Ex Tax: $1,450.00
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