Leica Viva GS10 Base Rover with CS15

Leica Viva GS10 Base Rover with CS15
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Leica Viva GS10 Base Rover with CS15

Package includes:
1 unit Leica GS15 Performance RTK GNSS Smart Antenna Receiver
-1X GAD109 Transition adapter to standard TNC connector
-1X GAT2 Gainflex radio antenna frequency 435-470MHz
-3X Leica GEB212 Li-ION Batteries
-1X Leica GKL221 Pro Battery charger with (2) GDI222 for GEB221/GEB212 Li-ION
-1X GLS13 Telescopic Aluminum pole 5/8" screw
-1X GHT62 Pole Holder base plate
-1X GHT63 Clamp for attaching GHT62 to all poles
-1X (2012) CS15 Field Controller, with Bluetooth, internal WLAN module
-1X CS SmartWorx Viva License
-1X (2013) GS10 Base Station (GPS & GLONASS)
-1X (2014)AS10, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Triple Frequency antenna
-2X GEB221 Lithium-Ion Battery
-1X GRT247 Carrier with 5/8" in screw
-1X Tribrach GDF112 Basic
-1X GZS 4-1 Height hook w/ integrated tape measure
-1X Satelline EASY Pro 35 Watt radio 403-470 MHz Rx/Tx
-1X GEV114 Satel Data cable
-1X Mobile Whip Antenna LAIR BB4505C
-1X Pacific Crest Antenna Cable 9-Feet
-1X Radio Antenna Tripod Mounting System Kit
-1X MSD1000 Industrial grade SD card 1GB

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