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Product Code: DTM-821
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Magnification: 30X
Image: Erect  
Minimum focusing distance: 1.3m/4.3’
Angle accuracy: 3”/1mgon  
Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”  
Angle reading system: Dual-side reading
Angle/Dist. units: Switchable between degrees gon or mil, meter or feet, US/ft-International  
Distance measurement in prism mode: 1 Prism: 6,600’, 3Prism: 9,200’, 9Prism: 11,500’   
Distance measurement precision: ±(3mm+3pmm)
Distance measurement precision: ±(5mm+3pmm) MSR mode
Distance measuring time: 3s + initial 4s PMSR mode
Distance measuring time: 0.8s + initial about 1.8s MSR mode
Distance measuring time: 0.5s + initial about 1.5s TRK mode
Distance minimum display: 1mm/0.003ft
Internal memory: 4000 points memory on-board and card reader on side for more data collecting
Display face one: Graphic (256 x 80 pixel) LCD with 20 keys
Display face two: 16 character x 4 line, dot matrix LCD with 5 keys
Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial
Compensator: Dual axis tilt sensor, liquid-electric detection
Compensating range/Accuracy: ±3’/1”
Optical plummet: Erect 3X
Weight: 6.8kg, 15lbs including tribrach and battery

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