New FOIF Reflectorless total station RTS-112R5L Prism Laser Total Station

New FOIF Reflectorless total station RTS-112R5L Prism Laser Total Station
Product Code: NEW FOIF Reflectorless total station RTS-112R5L
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new bracket design
OLED self-luminous display
New fast digital distance measuring head
32-bit microprocessor
Optimize software operation process
Prism-free rangefinder (R series)
Dual axis compensation (D series)
Absolute coding system
USB port fast communication
Mass storage
Large capacity lithium battery
Bluetooth communication function
With line calculation, wire adjustment function

Telescope: Imagery: Positive Image Field: 1°30′
                    Objective Effective aperture: Φ45mm Resolution: 3.5′′
                    Magnification: 30× Shortest viewing distance: 1.0m
Ranging: Precision: ±(2mm+2×10-6·D)
                    Range: RTS110R10: 1000m/free prism; 1200m/reflector; 6000m/single prism
RTS110R8: 800m/free prism; 1200m/reflector; 6000m/single prism
RTS110R6: 600m/free prism; 800m/reflector; 5000m/single prism
RTS110R5: 500m/free prism; 800m/reflector; 5000m/single prism
RTS110: 5000m/single prism
Angle Measurement: Angle Measurement Method: Absolute Code
                    Angle measurement accuracy: 2′′
                    Minimum reading: 1′′/5′′
Compensator: Compensation method: Single-axis compensation
                   Compensation range: ±3'
Power Supply: Operating Voltage: 7.4V DC (Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery)
                    Working time: ≥ 24 hours
Others: Display: 4-line OLED self-illuminated display on both sides
                    Communication: RS-232C/USB (optional)/SD card (optional)/Bluetooth (optional)
                    Memory: 120000
                    Waterproof and dustproof: IP66

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