New SOUTH TOTAL STATION Reflectorless total station NTS-332R5

New SOUTH TOTAL STATION Reflectorless total station NTS-332R5
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South nts-332R series of total station using laser ranging, absolute coding and biaxial compensation and other new technologies, greatly reduce the failure rate, improve the efficiency of measurement operations. All the relevant parts have been redesigned and improved, waterproof, moisture, dust and other issues completely resolved. Ranging circuit from the original two circuit boards to a circuit board, improved reliability, easy maintenance.

Prismless Total Station Application: ● Tunnel survey, coal mining, hangar construction, etc., can be removed from the work of the bracket prism. ● power line measurement and power line lofting; ● for the measurement of real estate, especially irregular large-scale housing; ● Deformation monitoring of large buildings such as dams; ● For large ship manufacturing measurement and positioning.

1. Laser-free prism measurement of 500 meters.  2. Has a national patent performance more stable technology more advanced 3. A variety of data interfaces, data transmission more convenient usb, sd card (support hot swap), rs-232c 4. Built-in temperature pressure sensor, automatic measurement of temperature and pressure, automatically correct the measured value 5. Rich measurement sequencing Data acquisition, coordinate lofting, hanging height measurement, side measurement, rear intersection Road measurement, area measurement, z coordinate measurement, point to line measurement and so on   6. The strongest road measurement calculation program You can quickly set out the building grid, without moving station Can be calculated at both ends of the relaxation curve connected to different radius curve of the special road curve (Southern station unique function). Example: So many of the complex cascade connection of the ramp only the South total station to complete the calculation and export calculation, the pile of all data Southern Total Station NTS-332R5 Series Features: Lighting, unique digital zoom display, the reading is clearly visible. Prism-free laser ranging, with a visible red laser indication: in the cadastral, tunnels, bridges, water, electricity, pile driver and other indicators can not play a great advantage, no prism range up to 85m. Using two laser, beam concentration, small damage to human eye. Three modes of distance measurement are provided: inverse, monitoring and tunneling measurements. Features: MagDrive magnetic drive technology; MultiTrack multi-target tracking technology; AutoLock automatic locking technology; SurePoint precise fixed-point assurance technology; first Trimble DR technology, up to 2200m; built-in smart lithium battery, real-time view of battery power; Measurement technology. , StepDrive patented sports technology to improve the speed of observation, to achieve precise positioning. StepDrive controls the motor to move horizontally and vertically without having to use a conventional motion lock. Due to the use of fully automatic transmission system, so you can accurately turn the measurement angle, you can also accurately repeat the measurement angle. This can be done quickly and reliably, greatly improving the efficiency of lofting

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