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EXFO COLT 350 x DSL Colt-350 MaxTester

EXFO COLT 350 x DSL Colt-350 MaxTester
Product Code: Colt-350 MaxTester
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 EXFO Colt-350 MaxTester

EXFO’s CoLT-350 is the perfect tool for any service provider deploying ADSL2+ and triple-play services. It has been designed to stand up to the challenges of the outside plant environment. The CoLT-350’s small form factor, rugged design and easy-to-use menu system are ideal for installation technicians. It makes the test process highly automated, and allows technicians to close their jobs quickly and efficiently.

The CoLT-350’s large display makes it even more user-friendly, and when it comes to saving results, it provides technicians with many connectivity options for uploading tests and compiling reports.

CoLT-350 is based on the industry-leading Broadcom chipset, which ensures excellent interoperability for ADSL2+ when testing against other Broadcom-based devices and other vendors’ chipsets. It also allows the use of Broadcom’s ADSL2+ Nitro mode to negotiate with Broadcom-based DSLAMs in order to achieve data rates as high as 30 Mbit/s (depending on DSLAM setup, loop length, noise influences and circuit quality). Nitro™ is a proprietary Broadcom approach that increases the throughput on links by compressing the ADSL2+ ATM header, thus requiring fewer bits to be transmitted.

Ensuring the highest quality triple-play services to customers is a must for service providers, but it is also quite a challenge with aging copper plant. One industry standard method that helps achieve this is the xDSL impulse noise protection (INP) parameter, which is particularly important when deploying IPTV services based on ADSL2+. For example, INP helps reduce the amount of macro-blocking in an IPTV stream caused by short duration and intermittent impulse noise spikes. The CoLT-350 has a complete implementation of the ITU-T INP standard for values ranging from 0 to 16.

Thanks to its xDSL and dual Ethernet ports, the CoLT-350 is a very flexible tool for service providers qualifying service all the way from the central office to the customer’s equipment. The CoLT-350 also provides powerful capabilities in troubleshooting applications where it can be used in different modes to quickly isolate faults no matter where they are located (network, outside plant, customer equipment or inside wiring). Even in hybrid networks where FTTH is also being deployed, the CoLT-350’s Ethernet ports can be used inside the home to test at any point where a LAN connection is available.

Web Browser
Many telcos require that technicians use a Web browser to confirm service operation or as visual proof to the customer. Up to now, technicians required a PC in addition to the test set to do this. Thanks to the CoLT-350’s integrated browser, carrying a laptop to the job location is no longer necessary. The CoLT-350 browser allows the user to access websites and load a web page as part of any auto test directly from the test set. Just as any other browser, it can bookmark commonly used URLs and allows the user to save new ones in real-time as needed. Complete navigation and the selection of hyperlinks are all a part of this optional feature.

Data Service Testing
Data services are the backbone of most broadband networks, and subscribers continue to have higher and higher expectations of network performance as the popularity of multimedia sites and services continues to accelerate. For this reason, technicians must not only test the connectivity of data services but they must be able to validate performance against committed service levels.

The CoLT-350 data services test suite meets these requirements by providing automated tests for IP ping, traceroute and FTP upload/download. As with all the CoLT-350 tests, the data services tests can be executed over the xDSL or Ethernet interfaces for thorough installation and troubleshooting in the outside plant and inside the customer premises.

With its small form factor, the CoLT-350 can go anywhere you need to go. It is rugged and light, and all connectors are protected from the rain—just what is needed for the demanding outside-plant environment.

Automated Service Testing
Thresholds can be set and saved for key DSL parameters as well as for the data and IPTV service tests. When tests are run, users are given a clear graphical pass/fail result so they can quickly move onto the next job or investigate further. Test profiles can be easily transferred between units to ensure all technicians from the same organization are testing to the same thresholds.

Easy to Use
The CoLT-350’s next-generation user interface has been designed with the first-level technician in mind. The large display makes use of colored icons and graphics for easy configuration and operation, simple to use for experienced and novice users alike.

Capturing Results and Connectivity
In today’s highly competitive environment, quality of service is paramount for service providers. CoLT-350 allows reports of all tests to be uploaded in a variety of formats. Therefore, service providers can keep all results on file for future reference and confirm all required tests have been completed by the technician.

Battery Powered
CoLT-350 is fitted with a battery using the latest technology in rechargeable cells. It provides the maximum testing time between charges, even when using the high power demands of VDSL2. When charging is required, technicians can either use the optional 12 Volt vehicle charger or the supplied AC adapter.


  • ADSL2+ testing, with optional VDSL2 for hybrid networks
  • Ethernet testing for qualifying FTTx service at the customer premises
  • Data testing and Web browser for complete service qualification
  • Configurable pass/fail results for automated testing
  • Rugged and weatherproof handheld unit designed for the outside plant

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