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Icom 2016 IC-7200M HF all band

Icom 2016 IC-7200M HF all band
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Icom IC-7200M HF all band +50 MHz SSB / CW / RTTY / AM 50W transceiver

Digital twin PBT and equipped with digital IF filter, manual notch, achieve performance comparable to higher machine IF DSP evolved

By processing in the AGC loop and AGC loop processing digital IF filter by the DSP, can be made to operate the AGC reliably against the desired signal. Eliminate fundamentally strong signal by blocking the filter outside

It is equipped with a digital twin PBT to show power when subjected to interference from above and below at the same time. If you receive interference from one of the upper and lower, it can be used as IF shift.

The standard DDS circuit to realize digital IF filter, notch filter, noise reduction and noise blanker, the C / N excellent characteristics, such as speech synthesis function.

Brand: Icom
Option for external power supply: PS-126 handheld microphone: HM-36 (populated) microphone stand: SM-20/SM-50 linear amplifier: IC-PW1 (OPC-599 is required) antenna tuner: AH-4/AT- 180 Antenna: AH-2b external speaker: SP-10/SP-20/SP-21 Cable: OPC-420/OPC-598/OPC-599 mounting bracket: MB-118 Handle: MB-116

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