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Leica Rugby 410DG Laser w/Rod Eye 160

Leica Rugby 410DG Laser w/Rod Eye 160
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Leica Rugby 410DG Laser w/Rod Eye 160, RF Remote Control & Alkaline Batteries

Overview for the Leica Rugby 410 Dual Grade Laser

With automatic self-leveling and axis alignment, the Leica Rugby 410DG dual grade laser is ideal for measuring slopes. It has an operating range of 2,600 feet and can be used in any indoor and outdoor applications, including machine control. Capable of tilting on both axes for accurate measurements, the Rugby 410 includes a Rod Eye Plus laser receiver with nine arrow display and three bright LEDs to reference the receiver’s position. This rotary laser also comes with an NiMH battery pack that powers up the device up to 100 hours!

Real-Time Grade Matching and Self-Leveling

From building pads, parking lots and runways to concrete forming and framework, the Leica 410DG grade laser offers precise measurements with its self-leveling accuracy of 1/16th inch per 100 feet. Featuring an infrared beam that is invisible to the human eye, this device offers real-time grade matching that allows construction professionals to match existing slopes.
Dual Grade and Axis Alignment

This Leica Rugby laser level has automatic dual grade capability up to -5 to +15% in both axes. It also features an axis alignment application designed to precisely align the axis for grade accuracy. With a large, backlit, graphic display, the Rugby 410DG is equipped with a five-button keypad for easy grade entry.

Leica Rod Eye Plus

With a working range of up to 3,000 feet, Rod Eye Plus is integrated with an anti-strobe protection that detects and ignores flashes from other sources. This laser receiver gets rid of interferences, making it the ideal tool when you want to use the Leica Rugby 410DG in agricultural applications such as land leveling or tiling.

This laser detector allows the use of three different detectable accuracies, fine, medium and coarse. The nine-channel arrow display and audio output provide the user with all the information needed to lock on the laser beam. It has two, large graphic displays and three LEDs that can be used as a reference for the receiver’s position. The Rod Eye Plus also has a detection height of two inches and a versatile rod bracket to secure mounting to both square and oval rods.

Additional Features

The Leica 410DG grade laser is equipped with a beam masking function that electronically shutters the beam for multiple laser usage on the same site. It self levels within +/-5 degrees and alerts you if the device has been moved or bumped. Grade changes can also be set and locked in the menu to prevent error.

Rugged and Reliable

With a rating of IP57, the Leica Rugby 410 is dustproof and water resistant up to 3 feet. Designed for maximum protection, it has a high-impact composite housing with protective rubber over-molding. Packed with NiMH battery pack, this dual grade slope laser lets you work up to 100 hours without interruption.

This Leica dual grade laser package comes with a Rod Eye Plus with bracket, carrying case, NiMH battery pack, charger, universal charger cable and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2,600 feet operating range
Dual grade up to -5 to +25 % in both axes
Rod Eye Plus laser receiver
Real-time grade matching to easily match an existing slope
Axis alignment application for precise grade accuracy
Beam masking allows several lasers to be used onsite
Bump alert notifies you if device has been moved
Invisible, infrared laser beam
100-hour battery life
Simple, five-button operation
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-57
Backlit graphic LCD displa

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