SPM Flex Portable Chemcassette Tape Gas Detector

SPM Flex Portable Chemcassette Tape Gas Detector
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New SPM Flex Portable Chemcassette Tape Based Gas Detector

SPM Flex: Ready when you are. Quick start. User friendly. Flexible application.

SPMF-P1US SPM Flex Portable Chemcassette Gas Monitor. Whether you’re responding to an emergency, investigating a suspected leak or performing routine tool maintenance, you can count on Honeywell Analytics’ SPM Flex for unmatched accuracy, intuitive operation and flexible integration — even in challenging environments. This portable, single point Chemcassette tape-based monitor detects the ultra-sensitive gases inherent in your operations — including hydrides, mineral acids, oxidizers and amines.

In your critical operations, where disruptions can cost millions of dollars, do you have the right instrument for your toxic gas monitoring system? One that your workers feel confident using? One that provides the gas intelligence you need?

With our all-new SPM Flex, you never have to worry whether your single-point monitor will stand up to harsh conditions, whether a false alarm will lead to a costly shutdown, or whether your workers will be able to correctly operate the device.

Instead, you can count on our Chemcassette tape-based SPM Flex for unmatched accuracy, flexibility and ease of use — even in challenging environments. So you can rest assured that you’re keeping your people safe and your operations running.

• Quick start-up for emergency response. Thanks to extensive automation SPM Flex is ready to go quickly, so your response team can be too.

• Easy to use. The SPM Flex has been designed from the ground up to be easy to carry, operate and read — even when you’re wearing a HAZMAT suit or other protective gear. The monitor has large, easy-to-press buttons, and when you carry the SPM Flex the display faces upward.

• Easy to choose the target gas. Want to monitor for a certain gas? Just turn on the SPM Flex, snap in the proper Chemcassette tape, and use the intuitive LCD menu to select from the list. Need to monitor for a gas in a different family? Just swap out the Chemcassette tape for the correct gas family and choose the new gas. No ChemKeys required.

The SPM Flex Portable Chemcassette Tape Based Gas Detectors includes handle assembly, clean-room suitable shoulder strap, battery, power supply, power cord, CD and quick start guide.

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