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Leica NA2 32x Engineer's Automatic Auto Level

Leica NA2 32x Engineer's Automatic Auto Level
Leica NA2 32x Engineer's Automatic Auto Level
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Item Includes:
Leica Automatic Level NA2
Hard Carrying Case
Rain Cover
Adjusting Pin
Users Manual
One Year Manufacturers Warranty

Leica NA2 and Leica NAK2 are two universal automatic levels meet all the requirements of precision levelling.

To improve accuracy a parallel plate micrometer can be fitted over the telescope objective. The parallel plate micrometer permits direct readings to 0.1mm and estimated readings to 0.01mm. This makes the NA2 and NAK2 an ideal precise level for deformation studies or industrial measuring tasks.

Universal application:

Levelling of all types and all orders of accuracy
Precise levelling and settlement determinations on buildings
Routine heighting for the construction of roads, railways, pipelines, tunnels and so forth
Setting-out work and control measurements on the construction site
Area levelling of high accuracy
Tacheometric levelling with the K-version on flat terrain by combining stadia and angular measurements with height readings
Deformation measurement and monitoring of bridges
Easy to level up

The advantage of this instrument is that, as soon as the bubble is centred, the line of sight is horizontal for all pointings of the telescope. The observer is freed of the time-consuming centring procedure involved with the traditional tubular level, and can concentrate on the business of staff readings.

Robust and automatic

The compensator is essentially a pendulum with a prism (4). The suspension system comprises four flexed tapes (1) made of a special alloy to ensure faultless functioning even at extreme temperatures. The compensator, which is located between the focusing lens and the crosshair reticle, is pneumatically damped against mechanical vibration and is screened against magnetic fields.

Minimum maintenance

In the unlikely event that the compensator is damaged (and this can only happen as a result of extremely harsh treatment) it is replaced easily, being held only by three screws.

Push-button control – added security

With most automatics one taps the tripod or instrument to check if the compensator is functioning. Leica Geosystems offers a far more sophisticated solution. Pressing the button under the NA2 eyepiece gives the compensator a gentle tap, so that you see the staff image swing smoothly away and then float gently back to give the horizontal line of sight. This check, which takes less than a second, is technically perfect, as the pendulum itself is activated and swings through its full range. It is also immediately apparent if the bubble is not centered.

Versatile accessories for demonstrable success

A comprehensive program of accessories enables you to expand the performance and applications range of each instrument. This way, you can match your equipment exactly to requirements. The possibilities are described in brochure \u201cSurvey accessories” 710 883en.


u2022 push button compensator check 
u2022 endless horizontal drive for left and right handed users 
u2022 coarse and fine focusing knob 
u2022 backlash-free footscrews 
u2022 optional eyepieces available (40X & 25X magnification) 
u2022 rugged pneumatically damped compensator 
u2022 available with horizontal circle for measuring angles (NAK2 model) 
u2022 optional parallel-plate micometer accessory for direct reading to 0.1mm and 0.01mm by estimation) 

Accuracy (standard deviation for 1 km double-run leveling): 
0.7 mm (dependent on staff, technique) 
0.3 mm (with parallel-plate micrometer) 

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