Detcon IR-700 Gas Detector 967-215520-100

Detcon IR-700 Gas Detector 967-215520-100
Detcon IR-700 Gas Detector 967-215520-100
Product Code: Detcon IR-700 Gas Detector
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New Detcon IR-700 Gas Detector 967-215520-100

Detcon IR-700-CH Infrared Smart Combustible Sensor Assembly. Designed to detect hydrocarbon gases 0-100% LEL. 4-20 mA and Modbus RS-485 outputs. 316 Stainless Steel Housing. Water-Proof, Corrosion-Proof and Vibration-Proof. Optional aluminum or stainless steel junction box. Gases: Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Ethylene, Gasoline Vapor, Diesel Fuel Vapor, Jet Fuel Vapor
Part# with Options:  967-215520-100 

Electrical Specifications:
Power Input    11-30 VDC
Power Consumption    Normal operation = 68mA (<1.7 watt)
Maximum = 85mA (2 watts)
Inrush Current    0.67A @ 24V
RFI/EMI Protection    Complies with EN61000
Analog Output    Linear 4-20mA DC (1,000 ohms max loop load @ 24VDC)
0mA: All Fault Diagnostics
2mA: In-Calibration
4-20mA: 0-100% full-scale
22mA: Over-range condition
Serial RS-485 Output    RS-485 ModbusTM RTU
Baud Rate    9600 BPS (9600,N,8,1 Half Duplex)
Status Indicators    4-digit LED display with gas concentration
Full-script menu prompts for AutoSpan, Set-up Options, and Fault Reporting
Faults Monitored    Loop, Input Voltage, Zero, Sensor, Processor, Memory, Calibration
Cable Requirements    Power/Analog
3-wire shielded cable
Maximum distance is 13,300 feet with 14 AWG
Serial Output
2-wire twisted-pair shielded cable specifically for use with RS-485 installations
Maximum distance is 4,000 feet to last sensor
I/O Protection    Over-voltage, Miswiring, EMI/RFI Immunity

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