Detcon PI-700 Universal VOC Gas Sensor

Detcon PI-700 Universal VOC Gas Sensor
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Detcon PI-700 Universal VOC Gas Sensor

Manufacturer ;Detcon, Inc.
Product Name    
Model PI-700 Universal VOC Gas Sensor
Detection Category    Chemical
Detection Principle    Sensors
Detection Method    
Photoionization Detection (PID)
Gas Analysis Product Model Number     PI-700
Equipment Type     Sensor
Product Synopsis    
Detcon Model PI-700 is a non-intrusive “Smart” sensor that use photoionization detector technology to monitor VOC gases over ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-5,000 ppm. There is also a special 0-500 ppb version available. In the PI-700 sensor design, Detcon has successfully converted the sensitive laboratory style PID technology into a rugged, environmentally insensitive, and long-life industrial gas sensor.

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